Controversial topics for essays are hot, burning issues that often bring up intense debate and spark conflict. They are ambiguous topics of ongoing interests. Simply stated, any specific essay content wherein strong debates are generally presented for extended periods develop into certain form of controversies. Thus, they are usually regarded as being highly controversial pieces of writing. By and large, people have diverse opinions on a number polemical concern.

Controversial essay subjects are likely to polarize individuals who typically put up compelling arguments for or against a certain issue. They result from ideas or concepts that contain distinct views arising from a particular situation.

Some samples of controversial topics for essays are, as follows:

  • A pregnant minor should be allowed to marry
  • All manner of wrestling are pretentious
  • All old motor vehicles should be prohibited major highways
  • All unscrupulous politicians should be punished with death penalty
  • Animals have to be useful for medical research
  • Businesses have to make use of lie detectors during job interviews
  • Camera devices in courtrooms have to be adopted
  • Capital punishment is a just punishment
  • Child adoption results in incest
  • Cloning has to be legalized all over the world
  • Corporal punishment has to be permitted in classes
  • Educational institutions should disallow all junk food
  • Euthanasia is similar in many ways to suicide
  • Genetic screening has to be used by organizations in selecting candidates
  • HIV-infected people should never keep their infections secret
  • Making use of animals in scientific study benefits people
  • Men deserve equal work privileges as women (for example, paternity leave)
  • Only skilled workforce should be permitted to immigrate overseas
  • Parents are unaware concerning child predators online
  • Politicians should post budget expenditures in their websites
  • Pornography must be outlawed completely by state organizations
  • Prenuptial contracts make couples stronger
  • Right to be educated and then right to be employed
  • Same-sex partners should be permitted to adopt children
  • Schooling place so much stress on young people
  • Sex Education should be required in secondary schools
  • Smoking has to be illegal throughout the world
  • Spirituality ought to be divorced or separated from schooling
  • The federal government should control all media
  • There must be laws to punish a woman for raping a man
  • There must be stricter penalty for child rapists
  • Torture can be tolerable in some instances
  • Use of condoms does not prevent the spread of venereal diseases
  • Video games lead to youth violence
  • Violent computer games should be banned

In summary, use any of the samples above about controversial topics for essays would make good topics for your required coursework.