Writing an essay is not like peeling a potato where you can just can’t start with an essay right away and finish it at one go. Writing a good essay requires planning, thinking and then executing. A good essay plan requires taking proper steps and chalking out an essay in your head so that you can comfortably put it down on paper. Impromptu essays can only be written in high schools but when you grow up and write more mature essays you need to plan and gather sufficient data and information to fill your essay with because you don’t essays like A Rainy Day or A Busy Shopping Plaza when you pass out of high school.

Now the basic question that can arise in your mind is how to plan an essay. It is an obvious question for those who are not familiar with planning an essay before writing it. Well to start off with, the planning of an essay is not a very rigorous process but is something that requires dedication. You can’t sit like a couch potato and expect that you can plan and gather materials for your essays easily. You should first know how to write an essay plan. You can either bullet your plan points or you can draw a flowchart and follow the steps you list.

Having an essay plan is of immense importance. An essay is a long piece of work and can exceed even 1500 words. Once you start gathering materials you will see that much information is quite similar. You need to keep them in mind and frame one statistic or analysis out of all of them since adding similar sorts of information makes your essay a disturbing read. Your essay should be catchy so that it strikes the reader. Essay planning is therefore sort of an art.

Dividing your time is necessary since you can’t devote all your time to gathering materials and writing your essay. You can keep an hour each day for 5 days a week which is sufficient to frame a standard essay with standard research. Write good essay plan and your essay will not bother you for much of the day. Be confident about what you write and be thorough with your topic and analysis. Many may question your views but you need to be confident enough to reply back and make them see the essay from your angle.

One of the most important things you must remember while writing an essay is to avoid plagiarism. Keep it as a point while essay planning. Plagiarism is absolute crime. You can’t just simply copy someone else’s work without permission and pass it off as yours. Remember to create your own essay with your own analysis. You may take help from other books but do not copy whatever you see. A good essay plan should also consist of how to manage the essay. You can’t dump all your materials in a single page and write some lines only you can understand. Managing an essay is like knowing how to beautify the essay and make it more appealing.

When you ask yourself how to plan an essay you can refer to these points which have been stated and see how well your essays turn out to be. An essay is a piece of writing that has the capacity to amaze people and readers and hence should be written as perfectly as possible.