A good essay should be written to catch the attention of the reader at the very first sentence and maintain that reader’s interest until the last written sentence is read. The first paragraph should be engaging enough to give an impression to the reader that what is he is about to read is an interesting piece and one worth reading up to the finish. Usually, this is done through the use of a hook which keeps the reader’s mind pinned to the written work being considered. Many writers want to use good hooks to impress their readers and work hard to find out how to generate them when writing essays.

Best Way to find Good Hooks for Essays

Finding a good hook for your essay is not really difficult if you have a prepared plan on how to obtain them. Although the hook is written at the first paragraph of the essay, it is not written ahead of the content or the body of thought that you want to convey in your essay. It is actually fashioned after you have finished writing the essay and you already have a pretty good idea of the entire gist of the essay you have written. This way, creating a good hook comes easy because the writer has a clear knowledge of what he has written and can easily direct his target readers to the general essence of his written work.

Creating Good Hooks for Essays

Actually, the kind of hook to be used depends on the type of essay you have written. Essays can be light and informative, full of humor or serious depending on the topic and the disposition of the writer. This is why it is important for you finish your essay first before attempting to write the hook that can attract your target audience. Writing a good hook is a natural thing for writers to do after they have completed writing the essays.

Examples of Good Hooks for Essays.

A good hook is like a preview or a brief description of the thrilling parts that you have written in your essay. You can start with a statement like: “I was really surprised to learn that ……” and you can finish the sentence, briefly summarizing the exciting contents of your essay. Here are some other hooks that you can try introducing into the first paragraph of the essay:

  • I never thought it will come to this: ….
  • I was really surprised that ………
  • The incident that taught me the biggest lesson in my life is ……
  • Little by little, people are learning the impact of the environment in the lives of…..
  • Everyone was excited by the fact that…..

The important thing is to keep the reader captivated by the hooks that you use.