History essay topics are one of the hardest to think of. Most of the time, there are just teachers who will assign the students to write an essay, but no specific topic is assigned. Although this may seem like the easiest assignment for some as they can write about anything they want, it can be a difficult decision to make as well especially if it is for the main final paper.

Essay Topics for A Final Paper

The final paper usually makes up for a bulk of the students’ grades. Sometimes it can even contribute as much as fifty per cent of the overall grade, meaning that a perfect paper can do wonders, while an unsuccessful paper can mean a failing mark. No matter how skillful a writer someone is, a paper always starts with the topic, and it is the thing that can make or break the whole project.

History Topics

When teachers ask for history topics, it is both an easy subject, as well as a delicate one. First of all, history covers such a wide range. It could be the country’s history or even the world’s history. Of course, it is always advisable that students cover the topics discussed in class. However, a new topic but a related one means extra effort and can therefore translate to a higher grade as well.

There are those that will brave the more unknown segments of history, and will write about them in the way that the teacher has been unable to discuss during class. This is sometimes a good idea because most of the information will appear to be new ones or those that are not from the teacher’s lectures. This would make it easy to write the paper because the topic will be fresh for the student. However, choosing these less known historical facts can also lead to dangers if the facts are not straight.

Famous History Topics

For those who want to stay on the safe side, it is always best to stick to the history topics that are known by everyone. Certain examples are the great depressions, the world wars, and of course, the discoveries of the various lands back when countries yet had names.

Choosing these famous topics makes it easy for students to write their essay papers because the topics are already well-known. Most students should be able to write about these topics from memory from the classes alone, and added research can lead to a higher mark.

Here is a list of some of the most used American History essay topics for students:

  1. The Signing of the Declaration of Independence
  2. The Civil War
  3. World War II
  4. The Great Depression
  5. The Attacks of September 11th
  6. Who won the War?

Different Points of View

The hardest part however, is in taking these well-known facts and presenting them in a different light. For example, if the world war was discussed in class from the American point of view, daring to present it from the other side could be a real challenge. These fresh history essay topics will also keep the teacher interested and hopefully, the grade will be one that is above average.