Students assigned to write essays can choose the type of a paper they want to write unless the given assignment is specified by the professor. Different essays are usually assigned to students to educate them on a variety of subject matters they can write about. Some types of student essays may be difficult to write. This is understandable since this is part of the learning processes that students have to undergo to master the skill and art of writing. Once the student become familiar with all the different types of student essays, they can be confident that they can write about any topic under the sun.

The different types of student essays

Student essays are generally categorized into different types depending upon the purpose for which they are written. Essays that proclaim a stand on certain issues and present facts to support the position taken are called argumentative essays. To win people over to your point of view, you need to write a persuasive essay. Those who want to tell a story with their opinion incorporated into the plot can write narrative essays. Some papers are called analysis papers because they break down the vital parts of a subject matter into segments and elaborate on the function of each part. This is different from a definition essay the purpose of which is to simplify a complex subject matter into simple understandable facts.

Students essays portraying different subject matters

Essays that make comparisons between two objects or situations are generally called comparative essays. Essays that define the relationships between objects or actions are called Cause and Effect essays and they are very common and seem to be the favorite type of many professors. There are students essays that attempt to classify things, actions and situations and divide them several segments that can be used to identify each part. These are called Classification Essays and require lots of research before they can be effectively written. These essays are all meant to be exercises for the students in honing their writing skills.

There used to be a time when a student who wants to read an example of a particular type of essay has to spend hours in the library looking for the right materials to read. Today, with the advent of computers, the only simply goes on line and click away with the mouse the sample of essays that he is looking for. The internet has reached out to students of all grade levels and can serve the needs of professors and educational institutions as well. Student essays that are good for all grade levels are made available by reliable websites that provide not only samples of essays but also tips on how to write particular essay types.